AppleBlog, by Evgeny Zakharov is a blog with extensive experience in information technology. The author also actively answers user questions on Quora where he has been answering for more than  decade now! 

In addition to his vast knowledge about these technologies over time there’s always something new being learned when you read one of his posts or articles – because they’re not just informative but practical too!

It would seem as if everything had come full circle though: all this helpful info that was accumulated throughout 20+ years gets shared right here under “Apple Blog”.

The site is still young and under active development. There are a large number of materials that have not yet been published on the website, including detailed articles about Apple’s products with informative graphics for easy reference when reading about their technical specifications . 

If you find any errors or know how to improve this resource in anyway please let us know by using our feedback form. 

We look forward hearing from users regarding future updates they would like see added/ changed!