The author of most articles on AppleBlog is Evgeny Zakharov, has extensive experience in the field of information technology – more than 20 years. In addition, he actively answers users’ questions regarding the use of Apple products on the resource

During this time, a large baggage of knowledge and practical skills has accumulated, there is a desire to share this knowledge with visitors and readers of this resource.

On our blog, articles and materials are published that answer frequent user questions about the use of Apple products.


Article author Evgeny Zakharov

Of course, the site is still young and is under active development. A large number of materials are in the writing stage and have not yet been published. I sincerely hope that users will treat this information with understanding.

The main idea is to present information to the user in an easily readable form. Therefore, some pages will contain infographic elements for easy reference of the technical specifications of some Apple products.

If you have any comments, ideas and suggestions, we will be happy to hear them and will try to take them into account. To contact us, use the feedback form. Thank you in advance!