Mac keyboard symbols are a fairly common user question. This issue is especially relevant for beginners – people who are just starting to get acquainted with Apple computers.

When working with many macOS applications, you can see hotkeys next to commands in the menu, consisting of special characters that can only be seen on Mac keyboards.

It is quite difficult for beginners to get their bearings at first in an unusual keyboard and situations when it takes a lot of time to find the right key are not uncommon.

To help with this situation, the author of AppleBlog has created a Mac keyboard layout with symbols that are commonly found in both applications and macOS documentation.

The diagram above shows the most common keyboard shortcuts on the Mac keyboard. But if this information is not enough, then below is a complete list of Mac keyboard symbols with a more detailed description.

⌘ is command key
⌥ is option key
⌃ is control key
⇧ is shift key
⇪ is caps lock key
← is left arrow key
→ is right arrow key
↑ is up arrow key
↓ is down arrow key
⇥ is tab key
⇤ is backtab key
↩ is return key

⌤ is enter key
⌫ is delete key
⌦ is forward delete key
⇞ is page up key
⇟ is page down key
↖ is home key
↘ is end key
⌧ is clear key
␣ is space key
⎋ is escape key
⏏ is eject key